Life Without Daddy

Dear all,
I am new here- it is lovely to meet you❤️
I lost my daddy when I was quite young, hence I grew up without him. This is a simple concept but brings so much complexity.
I feel as if I’m grieving a fabrication of a man who I never got to know. It is slowly driving me insane.
But we love and grow and continue, as I’m sure you all know well.

I wanted to come on here and begin a new conversation as I feel quite lonely within my grief. My daddy was killed on Operation with the British Army and, contrary to every Christmas advert EVER, he didn’t come home for Christmas.

If there is anyone who has had similar experiences I would be so very grateful for a reply, it’s an extremely isolating thing❤️

Love to all. The world is brighter than we think x

Hello, Victorialexis,
Welcome to this club where none of us never wanted to join. My dad served in WW2, my mum and I didn’t see him for 4 years, thank God he came home. I am very sorry that your daddy was killed, I am now 80 years old, an old lady, I try to understand how it is for people such as yourself and honestly I can’t.
I hope that you will be able to tell us more about him as you become used to this forum.
MaryL x

Hi MaryL,
Thank you for your lovely reply. War is a terrible thing. It’s awful. By definition the most destructive thing humans can do and I suppose I am just unlucky that it has (almost) destroyed me.

Grief is painful at any age❤️ Feeling are valid at any age and in this horrible club we seem to have found ourselves in I don’t think we can afford to be picky! It’s good to know I’m not alone.

Victoria x

You are more than welcome, Victoria. You are certainly not alone.

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