Life without him

Feeling so low I don’t know how to carry on my husband died in front of me three weeks ago this Friday and that’s the funeral day he had copd for two and a half years and we were together for over 50 years I don’t know how I can live without him as I was his carer and I just don’t know if life is worth living as the pain is unbearable

I am so sorry Patricia…the earliest stages of our grief are the hardest and cruellest. We may never “get over it” but somehow we do continue to get through the time still left for us; the pain dulls a little and there are days when the sun breaks through and we realise how blessed we have been and that gives us the strength to go on. Please keep posting and reading on this site…everyone on here understands. For now , baby steps and breathing through each hour…better times will come. God bless you…take care x


Thank you so much for getting back to me we did everything together for 50 years I’m at my sons at the moment the funeral is on Friday I have to go back to my house soon but it will feel so lonely as I used to be his carer I just do not know how to fill my days without him feel so sad and lonely xx

What an excellent reply from amelie’sgran, read what has been said and try to take it in. It is so hard I know and each day can become a challenge. It’s not an easy road, make no mistake but I too am hoping that in time I can accept that having my Brian in my life was a true blessing and something for me to be thankful for. I know he would hate to see me as I am now. There are so many of us feeling just as you are, so keep reading and joining in with the ‘talks’ it really does help. Feeling unbearably low, join in the forum. We are all struggling but we really do manage to help each other as no one else can, because in time well meaning friends and relatives drift away and you realise you have to cope. We are all here for you.
Thinking of you Pat xxxx

Thinking of you for tomorrow. Annette.xx

We were going away today to our caravan which he had just refurbished for us he was really looking forward to it so sad