Life without my husband

The weekend is here again. Seem to have more bad days than good at the moment nearly 6 months on.
Don’t really feel like speaking to anyone as some times I feel like I’m a broken record saying the same thing.
Struggling back at work so going to reduce to 2 days a week as normal people all happy and enjoying life with there family is hard to hear “ as it should be” but still hard.
With me doing this I will then be at home which not sure if this is better!
I just think this is me now,that’s it life without my husband he was 52 went to work all good then collapsed and that was it. Married for 32 years this October so just accepting what has happened I don’t think I have.

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Hello and yes welcome to the community. I know non of us really want to be a member but we all understand how you are feeling and struggling. Personally I think around the 6 months the reality of our new life hits home and we feel we should move forward but can’t see any road or path. The outside world seems to have forgotten our loss and life for everyone else moves on but we are stuck.
Give it time and don’t be hard on yourself, take each day and only do baby steps, wait and see what happens. Grief is unforgiving and it’s something we have to find away to except and live with. We are always here for you and I am sending blessings hoping that tomorrow will be better. Sxx


All the “firsts” are hard, but the first anniversary was worse than the day he passed I felt. But it does get easier bit by bit as you adjust & accept.

I had a spell of thinking family, friends & neighbours clearly didn’t have any respect/compassion for either me or hubby as they haven’t contacted me.

Now they can all go & get knotted. I’m actually disgusted with them , quick enough to borrow or ask him to fix things.

Spend a week in our shoes , see how you get on!

G. X


I lost my husband on 6 July 2022. I am lucky to have good families and friends around me. All I have to do if I need anyone. I would just phone them and there would come round or if there can’t there just phone me to see if I need anything. I work in a Different people going round the door as a care worker then to care homes all the people I have meat have come to be apart of my :family_man_woman_boy: . I think I am lucky enough to have this. If enyone like a talk please get in touch with me.
Also I am a night time care. If I don’t answer yours I am at work. I will try answer when I get home
My husband was the best man I could ask for.
I am getting stronger each day till we meet again.


Hello Wendy I’ve recently lost my husband and is finding life hard

I too hae lost my husband and nodboy can understand how lonely I am. I am 83 and miss him so mcuh I think I am getting worse and not better

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I can sense your pain and loss Debbi. Losing our husband changes our whole perception of ourselves. It’s hard to know who we are and what the point of our lives are now. Friends and family can help but unless it’s someone who has lost a life partner, someone we chose to spend our lives with, it is hard for them to understand our loss of identity and how our confidence is undermined. It is harder as we get older, not just because of the time we have spent with our loved one but because we can’t get out and about in the same way as when we were younger. It is only since me husband died that I realised how my mum felt when my dad died. Sadly she died 5 months before my husband so I could never make it up to her. I hope writing here helps you in some small way. To know that others here understand and witness your pain. Sending you a virtual hug and my condolences. Take care :heart:

thank you people do not undersxztand the pain today will be alone and same yesterday
son has no time for me. he even said I went to hospital havng a drama to get his attention
had a pulled muscle, very painful. could not drive car home, could not turn right
going to drive to the fish and chip shop if can

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