life without the other half of me (mum)

ive been through alot the past few year my mother was the only person that stood by me, i almost lost my 4 yr old daughter last february and thought my world had ended. mum was always there we were always so close. sadly she pssed in november lst year and i feel lik i cant go on anynore im at an alltime low and im not sure how things will get better, my hearts is absolutly broken and i just dont know what to do, everyone says they understand but they dont, i feel so alone

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Hi. I totally understand how you feel as I too lost my Mum last May, who was absolutely my best friend and the best nana in the world to my 2 children. Over the last few years I’ve also lost my Dad and 2 brothers, so I’m no stranger to grief and struggle with it daily too.

If there, s anything I could say to help it would be try to focus on your child, which is what I do. There.ll always be times when that won’t work, but you have to try for him, and as each day goes past some will be better than others.

It’s very hard to get through grief and people don’t understand unless they’ve experienced it.

Try to keep busy is also another tip, although middle of the nights are really hard I know.

I hope you feel better soon x

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