Life Without You - A Poem by David Ritter

I wish I could live in yesterday
for today’s pain seems so great
And every tomorrow without you
begins with a crippling fate

I go through the motions daily
as if I were a circus clown
Entertaining the masses with smiles
while my heart wears a frown

I wish somehow I knew
how to end this gloomy feeling
I pray to a distant God for hope
and a much-needed healing

But the only comfort I’ll ever find
is when we can finally stand
On the banks of a Heaven’s shore
while holding each other’s hand

So as I wait ever so patiently
for my dream to finally come true
I’ll continue this unwanted life
with thoughts of love for you


Beautiful words. Thank you so much xx

Beautiful your words says it all thank you x

Beautiful as always. Thank you for sharing.

@sad2 that is so beautiful and says everything we all feel. Thank you for sharing. Sending hugs x

A lovely poem thank you