Life without you dad

Never thought I would find myself looking for an online support group of any kind but here I am.
I lost my dad back in 2019 to a brain aneurysm, at the time he died we actually wasn’t talking to each other because I’d argued with him over some thing so stupid it just wasn’t even worth it. 4 months later on the 5th of August my uncle rang me at nearly 6 o’clock to say my father had been found in bed, dead. He had Addison’s disease so we all automatically just put it down to that, turns out it was a brain aneurysm and we lost him at 57 years old. My life has been stuck in darkness ever since, I fell pregnant with my second baby about 10 days after his funeral and my son was born June 5th 2020, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to accept is that he will never meet my son or see both my children grow up. I lost my hair after my son was born, still coming to terms with my dads death and then him not meeting my son has been the hardest out of every thing. I just feel like I’m on my own completely, I do have a partner and he is absolutely fab but I feel I need extra support, have been to the doctor and they’ve put me on tablets for a while now but I feel they just don’t do any thing. I have a lot of guilt surrounding my dads death, still have the ache in my chest everyday, my body hurts, I’m always constantly tired, and I just hate hurting every single day. Will this ever ease? Thank you if you read this far, sorry for the long post.


@Blue00 sorry for your loss. Please try not to feel guilty. Think of the good times you spent with your dad. I think you have done really well, looking after a newborn not long after a Bereavent not everyone can do that, I definitely couldn’t not of. . I lost my dad 7 weeks ago and I found it hard doing anything at all. Trying my best to try and lead a normal life which is really impossible at the moment. I don’t know if it will get any easier. Like your self I never thought I would join a forum but it’s been a godsend. Sending you love and prayers. X

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I’m so so sorry for your loss, I understand your pain. It really is tough to keep going and putting one foot in front of the other but I know our dad’s would want us to carry on, even through the pain no matter how hard we think it is. I don’t have any friends it’s just me and my partner so that’s another reason I seeked out a grief support group, if ever you would like a chat or to just open up I am here for you. Sending love and hugs x

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@Blue00 thanks my lovely that means a lot. Sending you love and hugs xx