Life 😭💔

Do you ever feel life is moving on
Everyone well family/old friends moving on
But your standing still/stuck💔
As a few of you know already
Last year my life completely changed
Maybe I’m been dramatic
My mum in law died couldnt beleive it she was strong & tough
Hard to beleive sometimes known her 32 yearsI then husband move back in with us after his mum died
We seperated few years ago
But stuck still married everything joint and both mortgage but he does pay mortgage I lost my job
But he’s no idea the impact all this has had on me
He’s not very supportive
Then found out my dad died wow :broken_heart: absaloutely devastated that I will never see him or tell him all the things I wanted to tell him
Now I can’t hurts so much :broken_heart:🥲
Broke my heart can’t describe the pain I feel inside nobody really understands what it feels like
Especially family
Then lost my job
I’m trying to be strong carry on I’m carer to grown up daughter & son
Ive lost my confidence so hard everything has changed
Thought was doing ok getting by
But been a struggle pandemic ruined everything & restrictions
Was middle deal solicitors & inheritance brother & I not getting on
Felt pressurised into signing early inheritance he just wouldn’t stop well hope he happy🥲
I’m now appealing a decision can’t go into it
It was never about money I’d rather my dad was here more than anything
Have so much regret & hurt
Just feel on my own
Now case coming to an end
All I can think about is everything is finished case closed my dad is really gone
I’m going back over to Ireland soon only place feel peace
Brother already moving on told me do the same
My friends birthday last wk she seems so free got different life from me
I feel so stuck & sad :broken_heart:
On top everything else may need look into moving house just for daughter & I
Sorry for long story

Hi, no don’t feel sorry telling your story, wow what a lot you have had to deal with and I don’t want to sound sexist because I am not but the male of the species can react totally differently to the female. We are all different. I am pleased you posted, sometimes it just helps getting it of your chest and writing it down is good. So many things going on in your life but please remember to take care of yourself and your little girl. There are many posts on here telling their story and may be reading one or two will help and we are always here for you. Bless you and take care.Sxxx

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Thankyou Susie x