I recently lost my dear dad,we were very close and i was also his full time carer,i lost my mom 6 years ago too…and since she passed my relationship with my dad got closer still.
My sister was also close to my dad,but she never spent anywhere near as much time with him as myself,he often rang her as he just wanted to speak to her and on many occasions she never returned his calls,he used to tell me that he never heard from her and it hurt him.
I was at the funeral directors arranging his funeral with my sister 2 days ago(she is 4 years older than me)…but i noticed the conversation from the funeral director was mainly centered on my sister,and sympathising with her. I noticed that women tend to get more empathy,more sympathy in situations like this,and it feels so wrong. I dont care what stereotypes the funeral director(or anyone else for that matter)has…guys have emotions and feelings just as strongly.


Dear @CR73

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the Community.

Take care.