Light hearted Missing

After struggling with a flipping bolt in the toilet ( get me, fixing things) remembered hubbies voice heat it up, got the blowtorch, it moved! sucess apart from the burnt finger.
Then I started to think about the funny things that i miss about my hubby:
Watching as I opened a jar after he couldnt ( apparently he had loosened it)
Pulling my zip up on my dresses( walk round half exposed now not so good)
Hiding the remote control in a plastic bag in the fridge when the rugby was on lol
The dime bar when he had annoyed me, best one he wrote sorry on his bits, told me the more i smiled the bigger the apology would get ( sorry rude but it was him and it made and makes me laugh)
The list goes on, I have read and felt the pain of losing the love the touching etc, but what everyday things silly or not do you miss. Part of healing for me is remembering the person as the truly were, my hubby was a pain but he was my pain and I loved his quirks and attempts at humour lol. Share and celebrate your lost ones moments!


Your post made me smile - as my husband so often played the fool and I miss the silliness too.

The jar thing - exactly the same.

Getting lost - he had the most awful sense of direction. He could get lost in the supermarket car park and frequently did. At least mobile phones helped - where am I Trish ? Not sure Gary - where are you? When the children were young and he wandered off to return to the car later - usually a bit hot and cross they would sing the song the Wanderer - They call me the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around…

Strangely he would put things in his nostrils to make the kids laugh - all very odd - but the funniest was one day he put a pea in each nostril - but they had gravy on so the salt burnt him and he inhaled. I thought I was going to have to take a 38 year old man to A&E to get peas removed from his nose.

Silly faces.

Making a noise like a pigeon which for some reason he was very good at. One day he was making the noise in a restaurant and we fell around laughing when an older couple on a table relatively close by started looking at the beams and saying they thought that a pigeon was up above them and how unhygenic that was …

So many things and so quick witted we laughed all the time.

Oh dear I do miss him so dreadfully. Started crying when passing a restaurant we used to go to and remember so clearly sharing the apple crumble and custard - he never wanted a whole one to himself but was happy to eat half of mine, That makes me cry now just writing about it.

Bad jokes - often threatened to leave him by the side of the road.

Doing my best - but life is so different and we don’t always realise what we have until we don’t have it any more. Our worlds will never be the same but trying to stay positive - it works sometimes



Your hubby sounds a wonderful man , I am so glad that like you I am remembering the things about my hubby that made me laugh. I am pleased to say he made me laugh more than cry. Thank you for sharing your memories, the good ones for me are now starting to crowd out the sad ones.

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Hi Lovely ladies. Even in your heartbreak you are sending positive messages that help others. Cheered me up anyway.

Pat xx

Hi Pat
Sometimes it’s easy to put down everything under the umbrella I loved him/her which is natural but I have started to remember how and why I fell in love and why I loved him so much, it is the small silly things that made me smile and I thought I am remembering these thank no other people would too. Glad you smiled x

Your so right, it’s those silly moments that come back to remind us. As you might have seen I had a dream about Brian this week, we was dancing, smooching with our arms around each other. He had a suit on which wasn’t really him. He preferred casual. Brian was a singer for 30 yrs but had two left feet when it came to dancing. I tried to teach him but I ended up in fits of laughter. When I did my exercises he would watch from the kitchen and try to copy me. He was like an octopus gone wrong and I cursed him for getting in my way. We usually ended up laughing so much I gave up my efforts at keep fit. Now when I try to exercise I keep glancing into the kitchen and expect to see him looking daft. I usually end up sitting on the floor crying, but they are such great memories.

Pat xxxx

Hi Pat I am sure he is still watching you, I talk to my hubby n tell him to stop looking, our memories give us comfort and a warm feeling that I like to think of as his hugs, sad but true, x

I am very lucky in that having taken a holiday together just 9 months before he passed I captured a very unusual event on camera. We were celebrating a wedding anniversary, hubby bought some steak and cooked dinner, I bought champagne and made dessert. Together we got very tiddly and I caught him on chasing a piece of steak around his plate, lifting it to his mouth, dropping it on the floor before getting it there, then repeating the whole excercise- all the while explaining why he was chasing his food around the plate. Doesn’t sound so funny when I put it into words but I watch the video over and over, even now, and I still break out in hysterics. It was totally out of charachter for him and so cute

What a wonderful memory and that you can get so much comfort from it and even have a good old laugh. We have loads of video recordings but I can’t watch them as yet. I do however have a CD of him with his band, he was the singer and I can listen to him singing and hear his voice. Unfortunately can’t listen without crying as yet but in time it will bring me comfort I’m sure.

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Silverlady, I am pleased that I am not the only one who remembers the joy of talking daft and doing daft things with each other. I do miss all this interchange, it is the little things I have found.
May God Bless all of you and if you do not have any Faith He is always there for us.