Lighter nights

In the newsagents the other day, the assistant commented " isn’t it great the nights are stretching"?
I replied no actually as I feel it’s worse making the day longer. I prefer to close the curtains & cosy up in bed.
She looked at me as if I’d two heads - - but sitting out in the sun alone is of no interest now.
G. X


Sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you mean . The days drag by no one knows what it feels like to have to carry on without the one you love. I am the same , about sitting in the garden alone we used to sit out together all the time in the summer now I just cannot bear it.


Hi G
I know what you mean about sitting alone in the garden but give yourself time as I was exactly the same as you and I had always loved my garden. It was the last place Brian and I sat together outside when I was able to help him to get outside. He never went outdoors again so my garden was the last place I wanted to be. I kept it tidy but felt no love for it then along came lockdown and although I spent just as much time outdoors walking the dogs and at the allotment I also had time to spend at home and did find myself able to sit there usually reading a book which helped. Now my memories are happy ones and I am looking forward to taking a drink, sandwich and a good book into the garden. I also go for a walk in the local park in the lighter evenings and chat with other dog walkers and my dogs love their social life with their doggy friends which is probably better than mine. It happens when we are ready.
Love Pat