Like Brain paralysis almost

You just struggle to get it to do anything, your brain I mean.
I was huggled in bed this morning.
Get up tell myself , No it says .
Like it’s sulking my brain.
So I managed to override it and get up .
But that’s it I’m sulking inside want him back.


I know exactly what you mean. I forced myself to go out and do a bit of gardening, even though I find no enjoyment in it anymore. Within in minutes of me coming back in the heavens opened so at least I’ve got a reason to not do anymore today. Finding today rather difficult as it’s father’s day. My daughter is struggling this weekend so I haven’t seen here and everyone else seems to be enjoying the day. I need to get motivated, but sometimes there are days when all I want to do is curl up in a little ball, even after about a year. Don’t worry, this is such a brilliant place to say what you are feeling. Take care. I’m indoors now with my cats and a cuppa. xx


I’ve gone to visit his mum . Here is my cat , keeps me going , he’s bit of a poser lol . [IMG_20240607_220600194.jpg]

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