Limits to <3 given / posts?

Firstly, thank you so much to this site and all of you on it. Your hand pulling me up is the one I hold on to hardest. I hope one day when I am in a better financial and emotional position to give something back to Sue Ryder charity as I don’t know what I would do without you all. I am also starting to type fast on my computer again, re-learning what I used to be able to do “before” and what will be necessary for me to retain my job.

Secondly, today has been a hard day and what kept me occupied the entire day whilst waiting for two phone calls from the dr (so i couldn’t sleep or do something else and I had one call at midday and still waiting for the next call) is this site. This is the longest I have ever been on it and I got a pop-up saying I had reached my max almost of hearts to give.

Apologies if I haven’t absorbed this info from the community guidelines (which i did read in the past) but is there a limit to hearts, posts or threads you can make. Just so I know to be less free with all three then in the future, each of my hearts given is genuine but I did see I seem to give a lot more than most people so I don’t seem to be doing it right and maybe I am seen as a spammer. Can you please advise what the limits are? Thank you!

Hi @FleurDeLis ,

I’m so glad to hear that the community has been making such a difference to you in such a difficult time.

You have definitely not broken any rules by liking or posting as many times as you like, and there is nothing in the guidelines about this.

However, I’ve just checked and there does appear to be a site setting that is currently set at a maximum of 50 likes per day. This site was built on a platform (a sort of template site that we then adapted to our needs, which saves time and money compared to building something from scratch). The platform comes with lots of different settings, which we can change. This particular one has been left on the default setting of 50 - however, I don’t think there’s any reason why someone should not be able to like more posts if they wish, so I’m going to go and raise that limit quite a bit higher.

There are no limits to the number of posts or threads you can create, although there is a limit of four posts in a row on the same thread (that is, with no one else replying in between).

I hope this helps to explain things and to reassure you that you are definitely not doing anything wrong. Please do keep posting as much as you find helpful.

thank you so much @Priscilla for that clear, detailed and quick reply, I really appreciate it. I just had the call from the Doctor too. Some people may think I am spamming but it does help me a lot and when I don’t have energy or the mind to write something then I use the like function, I guess with an 8 hour shift on here whilst waiting for my appointments I must be near the 50 mark today as I have also been reading through old threads… it helped me get through today.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

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