Listen to this beautiful song

Please Google this song by Charlie Landsborough
I dreamed I was in heaven.

Such a beautiful song made me cry


Thank you x

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Thank you Misprint
Such a beautiful song and video.
I’m in floods of tears again.


Sorry sad2 I didn’t mean to make you cry. Just listening to Charlie landsborough album haven’t played it since jim went as it upsets me but its a beautiful album.
Jim was a Matt Monroe fan and I had his songs at his funeral I can’t listen to them now. He had
Born free
Portrait of my love
I will wait for you and you’re closer to me
There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


What a lovely song and like Sad2 you got me going again. It’s songs like this that keep me going even if I am crying again.
Thank you for sharing such a lovely song.

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Beautiful sentimental songs like that make me feel weepy too. Thank you for sharing x

Beautiful song. I’v downloaded it from itunes, so I can play it anytime.

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Another song that sums up my feelings at the moment is ",catch the wind " by Donovan. If only I could rest a while and feel his loving arms. My beautiful Bert left this world just before Christmas and since then I have had both our Birthdays and our 37th ( together 42) wedding anniversary. I feel traumatised . Been reading this community for a while now and have had comfort knowing there are people who feeling the same , with much love XX