Little things upset me

Now I have lost my glasses in the garden.

I’ve searched thoroughly twice where I’ve been.

Trying to stop myself from crying.

Daft isn’t it

I know the feeling. It’s like we’re stretched so thin by grief that even the slightest setback makes the thread snap. I missed an appointment last Friday and it sent me into endless sobbing. :pensive: Odd, though, it ought to be the other way around, that it wouldn’t seem important in view of the immensity of the loss. But I guess it’s some kind of overload. I hope you find the glasses! :heart:


No its not daft Rose.
I’m exactly the same. Cry at the most stupid little things. Things that really don’t matter.
I hope you find your glasses.

Big hugs

Liz x x

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Just had the newish neighbour around. She has someone coming around tomorrow
9 a.m. to work on her house and he will need access from our house.
So have things to move.
My husband would have dealt with this.

Then she started talking about something on our property not being legal. I pointed out politely that it had been there at least 40 years and implied that there was no way I was going to change it.
She backed down saying she wasn’t complaing just curious.
I really don’t need this, she knows my husband died 11 weeks ago.
In tears. I have enough to deal with .

I hope she isn’t going to be trouble.
I just want a quiet life.

He would have dealt with this. Feeling vulnerable.

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Oh I’m so sorry Rose. Please don’t back down she should know you’re grieving.
I hope its just a blip and she doesn’t turn into the neighbour from hell. Has she been there long?

Big hugs
Liz x x

Less than a year