Little understanding of how i feel

It has been 10 weeks since i lost my partner yo cancer and today i watched his beloved Liverpool football team on the TV. 10 weeks ago i put the game on in the hospital on my partners phone as i was told although he was unconscious he coukd still hear. Today i messaged his son to tell him im watching the game and his dad would be saying ‘you go gal you watch it for me’.
It was very hard as it was the same day and time 10 weeks ago i watched it with my partner and later that night he passed away.
His son asked me you still finding it hard a little bit. I replied yes very much so. His reply was ooh thats not good.
I can not believe his response. I dont get how he thinks i may still be finding it hard a little bit. My world has fallen apart and my heart is broken i miss his dad so much and to just try and carry on takes all my strength.


Hi @Sue338
Sorry for your loss.
I am sorry to hear regarding his sons reaction. Unfortunately my daughter is the same my husband her step dad passed away 7 months ago and i have had a couple of texts how are you doing when i say not very well she just replied oh thats a shame.
I think people do not know how to cope with loss unless they have lost someone they are really close too. I spent 38 years of my life with my husband and we did everything together :heart:
Try to be strong and carry on however takes up lots of energy.
Take care look after yourself
Lynne x


Thank you @Galaxy75 i was really surprised with his response and like you said they dont know how to cope when you say you are finding it difficult.
I will just take it that he didnt know how to respond and until you have lost your partner people dont understand how hard it is.
Take care
Sue x

My husband passed away 8 weeks ago and he loved Liverpool, so I watched for him :heart:. Everybody deals with grief differently and probably find it hard to find the words but try not to let it upset you. You did well to watch the match. Look after yourself.

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Im so glad to hear im not alone in watching the football my partner loved. Doing this in his memory gave me comfort x

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I watched the Liverpool game too and told him what was happening all through the game we watched the football together for 38 years I miss him shouting at the tv .

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Football was not my thing but i was always happy to sit with him while it was on. Liverpool was his passion and i loved him for it. X