Lately I often find myself thinking and reminiscing back in time to the past about the times I shared with the departed. I seem to think a lot about the departed (Mom and Dad) and other people too, and whilst these good memories can be a comfort it can also make you feel very sad and unhappy. Sometimes I just despair and long to be in the past with them again and I don’t how to handle this at times. At least with bad experiences you can forget all about them and get them out of your mind. I know the loss of Good things and people are hard to handle, but Would like advice please on how to get a happy balance in your mind and live better and happier with loss and grief. Sometimes I think my trouble is I just don’t except that people die and Life is made up of Bittersweet memories.

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I can completely relate to this, my partner is always telling me I struggle so much because I live in the past, but when you miss loved ones who aren’t here anymore it’s hard not to isn’t it?

Last year I lost my little sister and my mum, then earlier this year my stepdad passed away too! I miss them so much :cry:

Stay strong! Best wishes

Hi Robt1

I’ve actually embraced the looking into the past now. I struggled at first with memories of my parents and with those I loved and still have waves of emotions, sadness come over me. I have made now a historical journey and discovered new things about my parents. Looking at where my mum and dad were born, worked at and tracing friends of old they knew when they were young has brought some comfort. You hear stories of new . Of course this brings also a sadness on you in the fact you can’t speak to your mum and dad about those new stories learnt but I’ve found the knowing more of your loved ones adds to oneself . The two streets where I was born and later grew up have been demolished. In the case of my childhood that street where my mother lived after my dads passing is also now being demolished. I really struggle with this fact so in this case also I have looked into the history of that street and digest the people’s stories of that street. I in a funny round about way have discovered a new life unknown by me of my parents, this I find you can embrace and add to a new memory of, of the now as such. Still plenty of tears but finding some meaning to the loss I think is what this particular journey at present is about. I’ve come to the conclusion from this jump into the history of my parents and those before them you sort of meet the people your supposed to meet after their loss. Not really advice Robt1 but I hope sharing my way of dealing with the loss of my parents gives a small lift in oneself regards another’s journey and what lots of us have in common. Haydn…