Living is a dream.

After being awake so early I decided to try to get another hour of sleep, and i did drop off again but had the most unusual dream.

''I was in the garden with a group of people but couldn’t get my watch to work and had no idea of time, Simon decided to leave and he said i can fix your watch and i said but i dont have the time right now and he said it will only take 3 minutes, but i decided to go home.

I walked into the bedroom and the bedclothes were disturbed, and i saw the shape of someone in the bed, and when i looked closer I could see David lying there, he had an ethereal look and looked young and free of pain, and i asked him where he had been ,and he said i have climbed a mountain to get away from anxiety and worry, but now i am back!

With that he drifted away’'.

What are your thoughts, I wasn’t scared or afraid, but I was perturbed and upset.

Where does it all come from, If i was a heavy drinker or messed with drugs i could believe that would mess with my mind, but i do neither


Well it was lovely to have that dream. Who knows what goes on in our minds when we are unawake, subconsciously. The book I am reading at the moment about the spirit world says that when we are asleep, dreaming, unconscious, we can even astral-travel (our soul leaves our body!)… I am fascinated by all this stuff now I have lost someone so dear to me. It probably was a dream visitation by your David. Dream visitations from the spirit world are very vivid, and if so, treasure it. xxx