Living years

Hello all
There’s a beautiful but poignant true song that I can’t stop playing. It’s by Mike and mechanics called living years.
It has the lyric it’s to late not all the lyrics apply to me but it cuts to ny core. Before I lost my mum I never got to say the things I wanted to say to her and I am full of regret. In one of the lyrics they sing I wasn’t there that morning when my mum left me and that will hurt for the rest of my life.
This song breaks my heart and I alone are to blame for the guilt I feel inside for never being there for my mum never telling her I loved her and what an amazing mum she was
I spent to much time with my existing partner instead of spending time with my mum. I know my mum was upset I wasn’t around were taking 9 years I deserve to feel like this

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Hi Steven. I am so sorry to hear your loss. Yes, the song by Mike and the Mechanics is extremely powerful. Very sad and emotional. Please don’t beat yourself up about how you could have been a better son. Don’t keep playing the song and getting deeper in grief. I’m sure your mum must have known how much you loved her, and she loved you. We all feel the guilt in our grief. Could we have done more, looking back. Can you chat to your dad about how you are feeling? Or could you possibly chat to someone outside the family, friends, etc. or even a grief counsellor? It could help get your feelings out. I do believe that your mum is in a special place and will be looking over you and guiding you on through life and wanting the very best for you. You have a ‘soul’ connection with your mum and that will never die. I do believe they are around us all the time and love us more than we will ever know. I don’t know if you have ever thought about visiting a medium, who may be able to channel your mum through for you? If they are able to get a message through to you, it may put your mind at ease, and let you know that your mum is still with you, in your heart, and that might help ease a little of your pain. xxx

Hello. I know exactly where my mum is. It gives me so much comfort and as for grief counselling I have already tried it. It didn’t help one bit
I can’t help how I feel like anyone else can’t when they lose a mum. It’s not easy coping with grief if someone hasn’t lost their mum they don’t have the first clue.
I miss her so much and my life just isn’t the same since she went I’m trying my hardest not to let my grief consume me. I certainly don’t believe I. Going to see a medium I thought about it don’t get me wrong I just think it’s superstitious mumbling. It may help other people. I believe grief is a journey I have to travel on every day. I know my grief so well I should do by now it’s been with me for 7 years this November. I’ve learned to live with it but when it comes to my mum I can feel it like no other grief. No one should have to go through this it’s a sad fact of life everyone will go through it when they lose their mum
I think I’m doing pretty well coping my mum would be proud of me. I’m proud of myself