3 months ago I lost my beautiful daughter to cancer and having difficulty coming to terms with her passing

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I’m so sorry for your loss

I hope this poem brings you some comfort


Lizzyann so sorry for your lose my daughter Amy died in October she was only 36, I feel like a different person since I lost her my heart breaks more each day, we should never have to Bury a child x


Thank you my daughter was 51 she suffered with cancer I had just 10 weeks before she passed but the hardest was not being allowed to see her she also passed in October it was the 11th I know how you feel I feel the same way we shouldn’t have to Bury a child

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Hello Lizzyann,

Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss. Truly devastating trying to come to terms with this huge loss. It’s not a very nice place to be loosing your child. I lost my daughter Laura 7th August 2021. She suffered a cardiac arrest and unfortunately no amount of CPR or paramedic help could save her. We too had no time for goodbyes it happened so quickly.

We are all on this path of grief some a little further along than others. Please reach out to us on the community and talk about your amazing wonderful daughter. Consider counselling too. It has helped me understand things and bring some peace not a lot but some. Remember to look after yourself eat, hydrate and sleep if you can, that doesn’t come easy to me. Do you have supportive friends or family? Although sometimes I prefer to be alone as I can please myself and cry when I want too!

When you start on here you think you are the only parent who has lost a child and then you realise there are others who are going through similar emotions, you are not alone.

Be kind to yourself, here for you


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Thank you for your kind words I appreciate them I am sorry for your loss. I am getting help but it doesn’t always help I have so much anger against the hospital let me down so much by not letting me see her and anger at myself for not being a mum when my beautiful girl needed her mum the only times that I saw her was to be devastating news

Hello….I believe anger is part of grief. It’s good that you are aware of that feeling. I was angry with myself that I didn’t call the ambulance sooner. Anger that Laura has left me. I think I have suffered more with sorrow and the reality she isn’t coming back and the unfairness of her leaving me. No one knows how long these feelings last for. I have good days , bad days and very bad days.

Can I ask were you not able to see your daughter because of COVID restrictions? If you do have issues you can make a complaint with the hospital. Not something we always want to do, but it may give you some answers. At the time I didn’t understand what the paramedics were doing to Laura and I asked for a report so I could process the decisions they made. Also her post mortem report so I knew what happened. I haven’t read it but maybe in the future I will. But I know I have it. As I find the longer time ticks by the less likely people want to assist you.

Thoughts are with you

Thanks for your kind words .we only had 10 weeks from start to passing nowhere near enough to get our heads around it. The time we saw her it was to tell us that she had cancer then 1-2 months then that it was weeks then days and 24 hours later she was gone it was because of covid she was allowed 2 visitor her sister and husband even when her sister had 4 days away they wouldn’t let me take her place and that makes me angry what’s rhe difference between me and her sister

That is so unfair for you. Keep going anything that gets you through each minute, hour, day.