Local Hospice and support

Hi all

This is my first post but it was suggested I give your community a go.

Sadly my wife passed yesterday morning after a very short battle with cancer.

This has to be one of the cruelest diseases. She just 57 and was still nursing after 38 years caring for others and putting them first, then it hit us.

3 months after being told she passed. I have no words for how I feel at the moment.

”Fortunately” for the last month she was in our local hospice where she had with work with or they had worked for her over the years. I can not say just how good they have been and they certainly made a very difficult journey a little easier.

I moved in for her last week and they allowed me to help with her personal care and we were together holding hands until the end.

Fortunately I have our sons there for me but the thought of her not being there is tearing me apart.


Thank you Steve for bravely sharing your still very raw feelings with the community.

There is lots of support here for you, with many people having experienced loss of loved ones looking to share their feelings and experiences.

Take things one day at a time - it is a roller coaster of emotions and there is no one size fits all.

Keep talking and sharing


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Hi so sorry for your loss . Your head must be a total mess at the minute and your heart totally shattered . All I can say is I feel your pain and understand what it feels like . Keep posting on here . I found that it helped me a lot when my hubby died . It helps that other people are here to listen to you and won’t judge you just try and help you . Thinking of you xtake carex

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