Local support groups?

My husband died unexpectedly 4 weeks ago. He was only 57. As you will all understand the pain is unbearable , the grief overwhelming and I can’t for one second imagine how I am going to live without him by my side.

I’ve joined the community here and reached out to Cruse for help and support - but I was hoping there may be local groups who meet face to face. I feel very alone and isolated.

Are there any such groups in the Northampton/ Wellingborough / Milton Keynes area? Tea / coffee with others who have experienced or are experiencing the absolute nightmare of losing their most loved one and who would also just like to be with others and talk?


Hello @TJH1, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I hope you find the community to be a support to you in your grief.

Sue Ryder don’t currently offer face-to-face support groups. However, the AtALoss website lists local groups in your area. I’ve also found a few options on the Kettering council website:

  • Direction bereavement support group - Lost a loved one? Feeling lost and alone? Meet with a small friendly Kettering based Group. It’s good to talk! We normally meet the first Monday of each month at 7.30pm. Please get in touch with Maureen for more information; 07411426033, maureenw10@hotmail.co.uk

  • Desborough St Giles Bereavement support group - Kim lends a friendly ear to those in Desborough who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. You can contact her to find out more about the group; kimrowbotham@hotmail.com, 01536 761593

There is also a face-to-face group in Wellingborough - you can find their details here.

I hope that this is helpful, take good care.

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Thank you so much - how be very kind of you to respond so quickly and with some information. I really do appreciate it.

It’s unbearable- the pain and grief is overwhelming - looking for a life line so your reply means such a lot.




I joined ‘Way Up’ after someone on here posted about it. There may be arrangements on there for local meet ups as they have a calendar of events. I’m not really active on there as I feel more at home here but it could be worth you joining.
I hope you’ll find support in the virtual world at least in here. There are some amazing people who will answer any posts.
Hugs xxx

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Hi @TJH1, I am sorry for your loss, it’s still very early on for you.
Averill Phillips Funeral Directors in kettering run a monthly group counseling session. It on the last Thursday of the month. Anyone can go, you don’t need to have used them.
I did go for a few months and it’s run by a counselor and I found it very helpful in the early days
I’ve attached to attach the link but it wouldn’t work, hers a bit about their support is available:

"If you are struggling with a loss whether it is recent or several years ago you are welcome to attend our Bereavement Support Group. Sally our bereavement counsellor aims to provide a safe and secure environment in which we can share experiences, where we can be heard and respected in a safe and confidential environment, a place where you can process your emotions.

Our Kettering Bereavement Group is held on the last Thursday of every month and our Oundle Bereavement Group is held on a Thursday each month (the time within the month varies). To book to attend please call either of our offices, Kettering 01536 511197 or Oundle 01832 272251."

Debbie x

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I did manage to send the link for the website

Debbie thank you so much - that’s so helpful. I’m definitely going to call. T

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Karen thank you - I’m taking a look at now xx

I live in north oxon and at the moment can’t get anywhere else
Wish was a zoom group
Anyone know of one then it would not matter and could see others for virtual meets one step nearer


I spoke to my older daughter, @ObeSnug, about zoom a few days ago and she is going to teach me how to set up meetings so watch this space.

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I’d be really happy to join a zoom call ( if we are allowed to on this forum) but if anyone is in my neck of the woods (Northampton/Milton Keynes/Wellingborough/ Kettering I’d love to meet for a coffee.

It’s my husbands birthday today and just five weeks since I lost him - the pain and grief is overwhelming.


I remember when it was my husband’s birthday on February 7th and we had a meal together like we used to do just a takeaway which helped having my two sons with me. Are you alone? You say it is so painful. Hugs and is the worst time when it is their birthday.

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We have a 24yr old daughter - she lives and studies in London. She is with me at the moment but I am absolutely dreading the day when she inevitably has to go back to her home. I think she’ll be with me for the next couple of weeks until after the funeral. It’s so unbearably painful.


I’ve just seen this on Facebook, Sue Ryder are setting up a grief kind space at Milton Ernest Garden centre in Bedfordshire from 9th March every Thursday morning from 10am to 12pm
For more information, visit Grief Kind Spaces | Sue Ryder
Debbie x

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I’ve got the link to work now

Thank you so much - that’s so kind.

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