Lockdown again, tier 4

As if it’s not bad enough going through the pain of bereavement now here in London from tomorrow we are at level 4, full lockdown, if this carries on I’m sure many of us will develop agoraphobia, not being able to leave the house. I do feel anxious when I go anywhere for appointments etc and hurry back indoors. I can’t wait to see the back of 2020 I have had enough.

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Hi Margarita,

Ditto. BUT if you wear a good mask - e.g. the one from Versarien - and a visor, your risk is greatly reduced. I live on farmland in the countryside, so I don’t have your problem, but I have lived in London and I know what it’s like.

I think it’s very important for our mental health - especially whilst we are grieving - to get out for a walk. Is there a park nearby where you can do this at the quietest time? I lived in Greenwich - walking in the park there was magical early in the morning.

As a Tier 3er, I can only commiserate and hope that you get thru’ virus free until you get the vaccine.

Christie xxx

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Hi @Margarita1, can’t wait to see the back of this year either!
I hope you are ok xx my brother lives in Hove, Brighton and was going to come home however quite sensibly has now decided not to, Madam Corona now needs to leave us all alone, however I feel she ( he) has other plans x
Take Care , sending you much love x

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We’ve been in Tier 3 and stricter restrictions since July, it seems the norm now. I have my walks with the dogs, occasionally pass the time of day with other dog walkers, I join in a couple of zoom meetings a week, found I had to go to the post office last week, never felt so uncomfortable in all my life, couldn’t wait to get back home behind closed doors where I feel safest. shopping has become alien, I have been getting all my shopping online, I won’t be surprised if we’re all put in total lockdown in January if not sooner.

idiots out there still think they’re immune and so the virus keeps spreading.

hope today has been an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow will be an improvement on today


Hi Margarita

How are you now we’ve all been put into lockdown?

I’m in Wales so we’ve been in lockdown since before Christmas and no doubt Drakeford will follow suit in his speech on Friday (obviously his only working day).

I’m finding it difficult this time around - anxious and just worried about ‘everything’.

I just want to drink wine and watch Netflix every night but it’s not good!!!

Hiya @Parrot09
Yes, I too felt a bit anxious especially as Im considered a vulnerable person so spend most of the time alone, daughter lives with me and she is home in the evening. I’m really sick of Covid and can’t wait for it to disappear, so I can travel again, my sister lives in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and I can’t wait to go there for at least a month to recover my emotional health. I have been to Wales only once and loved it and I will visit again one day I also want to do all the travelling I can because that’s what Marcial and I were going to do when he retired. Poor love he never even got to enjoy his pension after working so hard all his life. I am feeling a little better but as you know you can have 2 days no crying then it hits wallop bang and back to square one. Thank goodness for technology and TV, I also watch a lot of Netflix, and I play loads of games. I hope you are doing well, as can be expected if course. Take care Margarita x

I live on the outskirts of snowdonia, lots of snow on the hills and mountains above us. Picturesque but flippin cold!!!

Netflix is a god send! I hope you get to travel very soon - sounds heavenly

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How lovely, lucky you, I live in Central London not far from houses of Parliament. I like it really. We never get much snow, I love it, when we do get some we all go out in it!

Just feel this will never end
Bad enough coping well trying to cope with berevement
But we’re also full lockdown
Cant really go anywhere
Spend most of my time in the room
Ive lost my job
My husband not really supportive
But I do try to get up
I’ support my daughter a lot and my son
But this virus making it difficult