Lockdown grief

I’m an 18 year old student who recently lost my mum a little over a month ago, I know this can apply for any age of course but being so young and naive, the loss has really taken its toll on me. I’m still turning into an adult and trying to get my life together, Its still very raw and emotional but luckily i have a good support system around me at the moment. My mum was my mother and my father growing up so losing her has been and will be the hardest thing i’ve gone through. I still don’t believe it, sometimes i still think that shes in hospital, alive. I cant get my head round the fact that shes gone. I haven’t looked into counselling because i hasnt interested me but maybe it could be beneficial. Its hard finding people who are in the same boat as you and can relate so hopefully there will be some people who can help me out a little bit on this conversation (:

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Hi @Rose20, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your mum at such a young age, especially as it sounds as though she was your only or main parent. It is completely normal to feel a sense of disbelief and find it hard to take in, especially in the early stages.

There are many other users here who have lost parents and will understand some of what you are going through, so hopefully you will get more replies soon. Many of them will be older than you, but we do have a user called @Myaxo who is 18 and lost their mum when they were a child, and @Tt951 who lost their dad recently at 24. I have tagged them here in case they want to reply, or click on their usernames to see their profiles and posts.

If you do decide to look into counselling, you might be interested in our Sue Ryder Online Bereavement Counselling - it takes place over video chat, so it is still available during lockdown. Find out more here: www.sueryder.org/counselling

Grief Encounter also offers bereavement support for young people, including online chat, email support and online counselling.

I am very sorry for your loss at such a tender age. I have a 16 year old son who lost his mum at age 5. I think the pain I felt for him and sometimes still do even now was probably more than his own.
Having said that it goes without saying that the mum my son lost was my wife.
I tried counselling but it didn’t really work for me as I did not connect with my counsellor who to me was just a stranger I didn’t feel like telling all my pain.
Later however I found great relief from telling my story to several groups of people who were genuinely interested in my welfare.
I would encourage you to express how you feel and to take everyday as it comes.

Just seen your post and hope you are feeling a little better. There are a few on this site who have had similar loss and I hope you have made some contacts since you first posted. When someone leaves us it takes time to come to terms and it’s hard. Everyone here as lost someone we love and for some people it’s easier than for others and for some we keep grieving. Keep posting, just writing about how you feel can be very helpful. Please take care of yourself.