My name is Chris I lost my husband of 44 years in March to cancer aged 63 and my dear dad three days later aged 103 . I have found it hard because of lockdown not being able to say goodbye properly on ly having 10 people at the funerals and no celebration of their lives after it feels so unfinished and horrible .

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Hi Chrissie, I am so sorry about your dear husband who was just a year younger than mine. They were both taken far too soon. Your Dad did lead a long life but that doesn’t make it any easier and especially so soon after your husband. I was lucky enough to be able to give Bill a decent funeral with all his friends and family just a week before lockdown but I just can’t imagine what it would have been like with just 10 of us. I feel for everyone who couldn’t have the funerals they wanted as it must be so hard. The good thing is it doesn’t really matter how many were there as I’m sure all your friends and family were with you in spirit. Also your husband will still be there beside you when you need the strength to go on this rollercoaster of grief. Use this group to scream, cry or rant as we are all on that rollercoaster, some further than others.
Shona x

Thank you Shonzie for replying to my message I’m so sorry you lost your husband too. I have never done anything like this before and find it hard to say how I really feel and try to put on a brave face but in side I’m really so sad.

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