London meetup

I’m thinking of using the ‘meetup’ app to create a healing event for those of us who have lost a parent and live in the area. I was thinking along the lines of meeting up, sharing some stories about the beautiful people we’ve lost, and then maybe sending up some lit paper lanterns in the sky in memory of them. Just wondered if anyone might be interested in this?

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What a lovely idea!
I am too far away from you but I hope many people will respond because it will open many doors and be a comfort to all.
Good luck…please let us know how it goes…you might set a precedent for us all!
God bless x

Hi Elizabeth Anne
What a lovely idea. Where were you thinking of meeting up? I’m in South East London. I lost my best friend my mum two years ago just before Xmas I can’t believe I survived two years - I was mums carer she had Picks dementia 9 years & had to go in a home & my guilt is immense as is my grief. Lost dad 9 years ago too another awful story as dad was my other best friend.
Like the lantern idea. Let me know if you do arrange something. Take care

What a great idea. Unfortunately I’m too far away as well but if I lived nearer I’d love to join you. Hope it goes well. Xx

I will. :heart:

Hi Pen,

I’m so sorry to hear of your losses. My heart goes out to you. I will definitely look I to arranging something over the next couple of months and will post a link when it’s more finalised. :slight_smile: Not sure where it will be yet, but somewhere quite managable/centralish I guess.

Take care. :heart: