Lone Hitch Hiker

…this is how I’m feeling…increasingly…I suspect I won’t be on my own…love to everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I ask how has this happened?
I just don’t understand
Everything was beautiful
Everything was grand

The road ahead was open
And we were moving on
So many things we did
So many things to come

The love we had was special
We said so every day
And then the road just ended
You were taken far away

Now I’m a lone hitch hiker
Standing by this road
But nobody is stopping
To help me with my load

In my head I’m screaming
I’m shouting loud and clear
But everybody carries on
As if I’m just not here

Some well meaning people
Unhelpful things they say
“At least you have your memories
To look on through each day”

But memories are painful
Recalling happy times
All it says is you’re not here
That messes with my mind

And then the caring people
Continue on their way
Though they only meant to help
I pain with things they say

And life returns to normal
For everybody else
Whilst I traverse this empty road
Alone, that is my fate…

…still needing a lift…what happend? :sleepy:


All so very true.x


So true and poignant. It’s exactly how I feel. Thank you.

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Such a beautiful poem which totally expresses how I feel every single day


Brilliant :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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So meaningful as always …
I got this from facebook today - i have a grief and loss poem link :

And I knew you ,
I knew you and
While that is not enough
To ease the agony
Of your absence
I find some comfort
Knowing that
We did love, yes
We loved

By edward lee
I thought it wss simple but beautiful x


…that’s so nice and true…:heavy_heart_exclamation::broken_heart:


The lonely road ahead of you
Is tinged with sadness true
The tears fall like a constant stream
I cannot even dream Shut up trite remarks
My soul almost barks
Pushy people oh no
Please leave and go