Loneliness is a killer

Life is so strange I visit the grave every day can not believe he has gone and if I did not have my little dog I do not think I would be here


Lost mine 4th of December and today I’ve had to venture out to the shops and I was so overwhelmed thinking he’s not waiting for me in the car! Whenever I see a car like his i think if only that was him now coming for me! Packed shops stress me out now and never used too! And i feel so jumpy where before I wasn’t! It’s hard to grasp he’s gone and never coming back!


I know how you feel I get people to get me things and get online shopping which I never did before it’s strange I just do not want to go out and face the world and that’s not like me


I think I should stick to online shopping, I’ve had a few in the past few weeks, sometimes I think right ang get dressed and go out, seems like a good idea until I’m out, then the world scares me without him in it :pensive::pensive:


It’s 8 months for me and all I want to do is stay in my house I hate even going to the shops and get most of my shopping online.I was never like this before but now just feel so anxious if I go out and rush to get home.


It’s so scary without our other halves :pensive: mine was a 6ft 3 prison officer so I always felt safe and protected, now he’s gone I don’t know what to do with myself, I never had to think for myself or do anything, :pensive: nearly burst into tears when I saw crumpets today on the shelves as he always bought me crumpets, the little things become the big things, I feel guilty thinking back at how sometimes I’d be like awww not more crumpets! I’d give anything for him to buy me some now :sob:


Awww that’s so true the little things I had some light rice pudding the other day that’s was the only thing he could eat before he died cried all the way eating it


Aw … i know what you mean … i hate coming back and hes not here … that makes me the saddest @ its bloody tough this is isnt it ? Have you thought of joining a bereavment group near you ? Just an idea Xx

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Its early days for you @Val67 honestly it is. Its highly emotionally charged at the beginning … i really feel for you. Take care of yourself xx

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My husband passed 1st May, although I have had bereavement councilling I still get anxious and prefer to have someone with me as my husband and I went everywhere together and like most people on this site seeing a car like my husband’s or Christmas decorations certain shops all start me crying so if I go out by myself it was suggested I have earphones and play music that I like while walking but haven’t done that yet, by pushing yourself to go out or eating foods that remind you of them once you’ve done it you’ve made that on step forward although there’s a heck of a lot more steps to climb this is what is helping me one day at a time

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