Loneliness (Poem by Sandra White)

A new day dawns once again.
I stare at where you used to lay your head.
I close my eyes, your face I plainly see.
That smile that could always bring me to my knees.
Those eyes that saw into the very soul of me.
My heart aches for the touch of your hands on my skin,
The taste of your kiss on my lips.
I’ve come to understand what the meaning of loneliness is.
I wipe away a tear.
It’s almost more than I can bear.
I pray for the strength to get me through another day without you!


Dear @Alone1

Thank you for sharing a beautiful meaningful poem. We can all identify with the words you have written.

Take care.


Absolutely beautiful!
Thank you for sharing it.

Shalom john (and marian) :pray::blue_heart:

Thank you so tris for us x