Loneliness - the way forward

Having lost my partner and also my best friend just over a year ago I am retired and live in a small island. I dont have family. Living on a small island I find hard with the bitchiness nosiness e c I have worked part time in a charity shop but there isnt enough oomph in it for me-I am very very lonely and bored stiff. I am aged 66 and do not just want to sit there upset lonely and bored -if I could afford it I would have moved back to London but financially that isnt possible;. Any ideas on how to move forward with my life? Thanks

Kris, Speaking from someone who is in a very similar situation, have you tried contacting your Volunteer Area Co-Ordinator. I know there are several on the island. He/she will have access to events and meeting near where you live. Do you drive ? Best wishes, Martin

No I dont drive Martin but I do have a bus pass!!! Thanks for the information coudl be useful


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