I lost my husband 20months ago, he was my world my life.
Shortly after his death our faithful Labrador died too.
I am so lonely. My reason for posting this is to ask what people think about me getting another pup.
My concern is could I take on the responsibility, would the pup be happy living in a lone adult home. I’m recently retired and relatively fit, I don’t travel far and long for companionship. I’ve tried so hard to pick my life up by joining groups etc but so miss the walks and fun I had with my husband and our dogs.
I know I can’t replace my husband but I also know I still have a life to find again.
Has anybody any thoughts I would be grateful to read them
Thank you

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Hi Verity,

A terrible time for you. Looking after his beloved dog is the only worthwhile thing I do now as
I’m not one for groups or clubs.

I’ve done rehoming for dog charities and had dogs all my life.

My thoughts are a dog can be very happy in a home with only one adult.

If you live alone who would look after a dog if you were ill ?
This is one problem I’ve had my only relatives are miles away and friends might look after him in a emergency but not for more than a night or two.

Puppies are lots of hard work , maybe a slightly older dog would be easier? There are so many lovely dogs at rehoming centres desperate for a home.

Could I suggest short term fostering for somebody like Cinnamon Trust or Dogs Trust? This might help you decide what’s best for you.
I also have a keyring saying my dog is home alone and emergency contact numbers on it in case I have an accident.
There’ s no reason not to have a dog again but a bit of planning could avoid some problems.
Hope this helps. Jx


Thank you J
The same thoughts you have mentioned have been whirling around my head. Particularly what happens if I’m sick. The key ring is a really good idea

Your comments have really helped. I guess I’m not used to making decisions on my own and not sure I’m ready for the responsibility. I don’t have people around who could help me either.
Seeing the pros and cons written down helps
Thank you again

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Hi Verity I agree with Jackie on every account without our dog Jenny when my wife Jane passed away last November I would have been totally lost I am on my own no family as such,a real companion wether gardening,painting and decorating,car repairs she is there by my side or my feet nose into everything .
I have given the chap across the road written permission to take charge of Jenny if anything happens to me.
I think it depends on the size of the dog Jenny is lassa apso x Norfolk terrier about 10 inches tall on how much exercise they need ,plus a garden if you are ill or bad weather so they can go to the toilet if you are unable to take them out.
As it says on car stickers a dog is for life my little buddy Jenny is certainly with me for the rest of my life.
Kind regards MM69 &Jenny
PS her photo in profile picture

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Dear MM69 & of course Jenny
I am sorry you lost your wife Jane. I do thank you for your reply
I’m thinking I’ve made right decision not to have a puppy and maybe should think about rehoming a smaller dog
I knew our lovely Labrador wouldn’t be with me for long after my husband died because he was old and tired.
I think another dog would give me the confidence to get out and about more, because I would have to.
Your plan to give you neighbour permission to look after Jenny is such a good idea, I would use your idea and Jackie idea of having details of her dog on her key ring.
Our pets play such an important role in our lives,I’m pleased you have Jenny, she looks lovely.
Kind regards


Hi Dalejackie
That key ring isa great idea, where is it from please
Kind Regards

Hi Verity, I would highly recommend getting a new dog, he or she will never replace your Lab,but you could give a loving home to a rescue dog.
A suggestion for you to think about, how about a smaller rescue dog, perhaps a “senior”who might have lost his owner ,through ill health or something like that
My 9yr old rescue pug,has been a godsend to me.There is always “someone” to greet me when I get in.I wouldn’t be without her for anything
Hope this helps x


Zazzle.co.uk Pet home alone keyrings you can put any phone numbers /names etc.
Amazon do similar and contact cards . Jx

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I’m late to this conversation but just wanted to add to the comments here - basically, if you like animals and have had a dog before, do get one. My little golden brown rescue dog curled up against me as I type is a great comfort. She was about 2 when she came to me last year, 3 months after my husband died. She’s originally from Cyprus. She needed affection and gives it back in spades. She gets me out and about, in the process getting and keeping me fitter and just saying hello to people. The grief for my husband doesn’t go away but I’m so glad to have her.


Hi verity, I have found the lonliness following my husband’s recent death really hard. I have borrowed a dog some nights and makes a real difference having a dog in the house. Have you though about rescuing an older dog rather than a pup? It might rescue you right back x