My passed away in April. Does loneliness ever go?

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Dear Juju22. I so sorry for your loss and welcome to the Community. Loneliness is a very painful part of the grieving process.

In time the loneliness will go away (this does not mean you will ever forget your mum), you now sadly are adjusting to a β€˜new’ way of life without her. All of a sudden your routine has changed.

Have you considered meeting up with family, friends, joining a volunteer community group (once Covid restrictions permitting), joining a local Bereavement Support Group in your area. It would be good for you to get out of the house so as not to feel so lonely and talk to people.

Cruse Bereavement are excellent to talk to (UK residents only) on 0808 808 1677. There are topics here on this community on Loneliness which will be of support to you and connect you to other community members who have experienced what you are going through.

Please keep connecting here . You are not alone and we will always support and be here for you. Take care. xx