Been reading all post about being alone, I’m one of them having lost our daughter first then my wife, and moving to new area, as people have said friends seem to have disappeared, been trying to find clubs or places to go and meet new people but not a lot around here, will keep looking. Has anybody had any experience of a strange odour we had it with our daughter can’t really describe sweet kind of scent our daughters could smell it and it’s around in the weirdest places shops in the street and our home, and sometimes get a whiff of perfume my ed used to wear, my daughter could smell it the other day she came round, she asked me why I was wearing mums perfume said I wasn’t, or is it our brain playing with us we don’t mind as we know there still with us, now back to being alone again.

Being left alone is something that I never ever thought would happen to me but like many others it did just over a year ago. What a tragedy to lose a daughter and then your wife. I do have family but none living near me. I have pets who make a great difference as they are beings that need care and are there for my chatter. I have a difficulty with mobility but am trying to get into hobbies that have not been done for a long time. Not easy as getting motivated is the difficult thing. Do you have a local library that has different groups that meet during the week? Mine does and it is good to see people playing cards or doing various hobbies together. Also your local council may have a list of various groups in your area.
I have not had the experience of a smell but a couple of times felt the sensation of my hair being played with. My daughter in law had the same thing happen to her which is strange and she mentioned it first.
I do hope that you can find something to take away some of that awful lonliness before the winter months set in.