How do you all cope with the loneliness? It’s been 8 weeks since my husband died,I knew he was dying his condition was terminal but when it actually happened within ten minutes of his death I felt so utterly alone and frightened of being alone without him for the rest of my life. I see people and I have adult children but I feel profound loneliness every single day… I don’t see the point of living like this …what is the point of existing alone ?


I feel just the same. My husband died suddenly 4 months ago. At first I was frightened of being on my own and life felt utterly pointless. I am not so frightened now and am trying hard to rebuild my life. I do all the right things - go to various groups . It helps break up the long days but my heart isnt in it. My heart is broken. I’ve had some better days which give me hope. I dont want to give up on life, feel I owe it to him to carry on. But it is hard. Try not to think about the future too much, just do what you can moment to moment to keep yourself strong enough to carry the terrible burden. It will lighten with time.


Take it day by day i am on week 11 and find i do 1 job a day at home that needs doing, i go for a walk or out for at least 1 hour a day just so I see someone even if only to say hello. Nights are lonley so I try to do my housework then just to keep busy.