I lost my partner unexpectedly and quickly in sept after being together for 27years with 2 children.
Never expected this to happen….its sad empty and feel so lonely adjusting to life without him…


Hiya, I’m so sorry that you find yourself here. My gorgeous Alan passed away just before Christmas. A catastrophic cardiac event with no symptoms that literally took him in a moment. Absolutely devastating. It’s grief for your person and everything they meant to you but also grief for the future you lost. I totally get it. But somewhere lurking amongst the wreckage is a very tiny glimmer of hope. Like it or not my life is in front of me and I am determined to embrace it. That said though, there is no time frame for that. No right or wrong. What ever you feel is right at any given moment probably is. I have the utmost respect for everyone here. We have been through the very worst that life can throw at us and we’re still here. Struggling perhaps but fighting. Reading about others experiences has helped me no end. You are not alone. Take care x


Thank you.

Im sorry for your loss.

I lost my husband in early January. His funeral was on Thursday, so Friday was the most awful day. I am still coming to terms with this new life i find myself in, but i made J the solemn promise that i would carry on and build a life without him. It’s really hard but i have got to make it work.

I feel much more positive today, and set myself the challenge of doing something positive. It worked and i defrosted the chest freezer. Im pleased with that and will find something else to try and achieve tomorrow.


It’s so sad but like you said trying to find a focus im back at work so in the day that helps me. Sorry for your loss life is cruel

Im planning to go back to ky normal activities at the end of the month. I dont work anymore but i play golf and bowls in regular groups, so im going to start that again. I know i need to meet people but i just dont feel that sociable at the moment.

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Ah that’s good! It’s hard from time to time but I feel lonely now and more so since his passing x