It’s a strange life since you left my gorgeous wife, it’s a strange kind of loneliness as no matter how many people are around me friends or work colleagues all who are great people that feeling of loneliness never leaves it’s like being kicked in the belly. I’m off to Glencoe tomorrow 30th May but still I struggle to leave the house as I just think I don’t have the right to be happy or why am I enjoying myself when your not here…. Yes Grief you win every day but only because it’s love I feel a love that has no where to go and ends with tears.


What a lovely message to your wife and I am so sorry you have lost her.
I’m sure she would have wanted you to enjoy your trip away - sometimes it’s taking that next step from ‘just surviving’ to starting to live again.


Thank you. I think every day well if your here your upset if you go away and do your adventurous stuff your upset but doing things you always enjoyed and Helen my wife always pushed me to do more stuff that I enjoyed. Again thank you for your lovely comment.


I returned to my husband’s go to place with my grandsons and my son. Round every corner I remembered him there before he died.
But I enjoyed seeing the children having a nice time. It is 18 months since he died. The little one doesn’t remember easily as he is only 5 but remembers when we show him photos. The older two remember. They listen when I remind them what he used to say. They miss him too.


It’s difficult isn’t it a feeling that only losing someone so close that you get. My thoughts are very much with you. :heart:

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Totally sums it up as it is so true x