Been feeling pretty lonely recently. I have my wonderful partner and his family around me. But just wish I have my own family. I just want life to go back to where it was before my mum died. She should never of passed away. It shouldn’t of been her.

Hello LC97
I lost my husband in June and still feel very lonely . I think it’s something that takes some adjusting to. I have a small amount of family and friends but find that they can’t understand my feelings. They have not been through it. My husband had no family. I think we all wish it wasn’t our loved ones that passed away but I like you would not wish this pain on anyone else. I made a good friend on this forum who I talk to every day and we try to help each other through each day.
I’ve also found that whenever you feel lonely or down there is always someone to talk to on here that understands. All we can do is try to take the days one at a time and I’m told it gets a little bit more bearable as the days go on. I’m not at that stage yet but find talking to the people on here and the friend I speak to everyday really helps me feel less alone in my journey.
Please take care and keep posting.
Emma x

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