Lonely and sad

I have just lost a close friend, my sisters boyfriend who I got on very well with, passed away on Saturday with cancer, he only had this two months and it’s devastating, can’t sleep, crying all the time and can’t believe he’s not here, I am going to miss our phone calls.
As a Christian I believe in God, so I know he’s safe but feel sad still.
We can never be prepared enough of the unexpected :pensive::cry:

Dear @MissyEllieC

What you say is very true, ‘we can never be prepared enough for the unexpected’. I feel very sad for you and your sister that you lost her boyfriend to cancer in such a short time. You lost him only a few days ago so it is natural that you are crying a lot and cannot sleep. Your belief will help you, but it will not make the feelings of sadness any less. I am a Christian too, and that has helped me a lot when I lost loved ones. Do feel free to send me a private message if you would like some Christian encouragement. It will take time for your emotions to become less overwhelming. Just be kind to yourself and allow yourself to grieve. It is good that you have joined this community where you are able to safely share your feelings with others who have lost loved ones.

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Oh we are very close indeed, we talk about everything we very both very sad together, she’s suffering a lot, I’m always her sister and best friend too.
Thanks for the love :heart:

Hey hun,
You’re words of comfort are truly touching and thankyou so much, I hope things look up for us all, I pray a lot too, blessings to you and thoughts.
El ⚘⚘

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Yes, at the moment it’s hard for us to chew, but we are trying to check on each other but still feel that empty loniness, can’t stop the tears x