Lonely times

I have two children and a lovely partner.
When my partner is at work and the children are at school I’m so alone since my grandad died a few years back my life as changed so much iv stopped going places dont like to be out to long I have kind of hid myself away.
I haven’t got much support from my mom or dad I have no friends and lost all confidence in myself !

Kayleigh, you are so lucky to have a lovely partner and children .
Cherish them, spend time with them .
Do all the little every day things with them.
Walk in the park, draw with them, bake with them, read to them.
I’ve lost my lifelong partner, mother,father,
2 friends and don’t have children. I am so alone.
Mourn what you don’t have but don’t lose sight of what you do have. Sadme


Hi thank you for writing back, I know how lucky I am every day that’s why I feel horrible for feeling this way theres a lot of things iv been through over the years and never had the support over the years it’s kind of just hit me all at once I’ll do anything for my children and my partner they are my everything just got to get myself back together :blush:

Hi kayleigh, yes try to do what you can with the ones you love but don’t think no one cares because there is an arm out there waiting for you to ask for help. Yes, for a start there all these people on this site and we know what bereavement is like and how it changes our lives. Please never think you are alone plus your loving family, please talk to them about your feelings. If you think extra help is what you need, then think of Cruse or other groups that do free counselling in your area. Please do not let it get you. Take care of all those around you.
Blessings S