Lonely Weekends

Here I am 14 months later …but finding that weekends are becoming more and more difficult. My husband and I loved our weekends …everything took on a different feel as the pace of life slowed down after a hectic week at work…now when I see others making plans I find myself having a physical pain in my heart that reminds me of what once was …:broken_heart:


Hi Bab1
I am so sorry you are struggling with the weekends. They do feel so empty. I feel exactly the same as you and find them horrendous particularly Easter weekend. I had a wonderful husband , who was so hardworking and nothing was too much trouble for him. I have just washed the car, something he always did for me.
I have a 27 year old son who lives at home, he keeps saying I’ll cut the grass, I’ll wash the cars, I’ll go to the supermarket but nothing gets done unless I do it myself! He went out at 11:00am yesterday and he’s still not home. His father would be so disappointed. How can such a considerate, caring man have such a selfish son? Apologies for my rant but I have been alone all weekend, I have no other family and feel so down and alone.


Hi Mazza …thank you for taking the time to reply …I understand the frustration you are feeling with your son…I to at times feel frustration when I see tasks that need doing but sit left undone …I guess it just amplifies our loss …when we dont have that special person to share our frustrations in life with. Your son is similar in age to one of mine …if I’m honest I really hope lockdown restrictions lift so he can at least get back to some things he enjoys I.e.gym ect …dont ever appoliguze for the rant as you call it …its often a normal reaction to this abnormal sitution of grief we have found ourselves in…here if you to need to talk …

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Hi Bab1
How many children do you have? Do they live with you?
How did you lose your husband? I lost my husband to Covid on 26th January. My husband and I always spent weekends together and I feel completely lost without him. Friends have their husbands, children and grandchildren and always seem busy at the weekend. I feel totally alone. How are your weekends? Do you try to keep busy?

Hi Marian …I have three children all grown up now 28 35 40 …no grandchildren though …two youngest back at moment but that’s another story !! Losing your husband in January to Covid must have been so difficult for you . Was you able to be with him ?..my husband struggled a lot in his last year . He died peacefully at home after having been given up to just three weeks left to live before they discharged him from the hospital. He died two and half weeks after . He was buried two weeks before the first national lockdown …so the grief has been extra difficult …with not being able to see close family. I kept busy by painting right through my home …decluttering …until I realised I was running and distracting myself from the pain of loss …now I give myself permission to just be in the moment .( its exhausting running from pain ) …like you that lost feeling overwhelms me at times …but that’s natural isn’t it we have both lost the other half of us …and nothing will ever be able to be the same again …

Hi Bab

I’m 15 months since I lost my husband. Most weekends are lonely and boring, I so understand what you are going through. There are so many things my husband did that I now have to do or pay someone to do. Do you live in London?

Sounds like we all are going through same or similar experiences Pam …how can so many months have gone since we lost our partners …no I am not from London … I’m in South Wales Pam …but am always happy to talk if it helps in anyway .

Yes I also find weekends very difficult.

I see people but then coming home to a house without him is so hard. We would watch something together at 9, those small joys, well they always meant a lot to me actually. :pensive:

Sending warm wishes Merrin …between us all we have a wealth of good memories that can be stored in our hearts and not be erased …our memories are like treasure boxes we can pull out and revisit when we are ready …take care …