Hi, thought I would post on here because I’m feeling so lonely I miss my mum and sister so much and my best friend who I have been there through everything with isn’t interested in supporting me at all she’s too busy partying and taking drugs.

Everytime she’s needed me I’ve been there for her no matter what, now I need a little support she’s not there, I’m so heart broken, I don’t know maybe I’m over reacting would you feel the same way?

Thanks take care xx

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My first thought was “dump her and find another friend”, but maybe compassion and empathy isnt part of her make up, and she cant give what she hasnt got. So dont beat yourself up about it, its no fault of yours. Just accept it and move on to other people who will be there for you. There are a lot of them about.
Tell us about your feelings, and I almost guarantee everybody here has had just the same feelings and will tell you that. Most of us felt similar despair, but have moved on to the next stage of our lives with optimism.