I would like to talk to somebody on line who is in a similar situation to me.
I lost my husband in November 2015 and am very lonely.

I am in the same situation as you as i lost my husband just over two years ago.Some days i don,t even what to get out of bed as i know there is no one hear to talk to anymore.I am like you i get so lonely and feel really down as my family live over 200 miles away from me which means i only see them twice year.If you wish to talk I am here.

Dear Ozzieann, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband three years ago in 2014 and believe you me, after three years, I am still taking it one day at a time. Until someone has been through the nightmare of losing someone they have loved and still love with all of their heart no-one will know the heartache and devastation they live with daily, because not only have they lost the future they should have had with their loved one, the person who has died has also lost their future and the pain of knowing they will never see their loved one again is soul destroying. We, on this site, are all going through the loss of a loved one so we know what each other is also going through. Sometimes you just scream with the pain of it all because when we set out on our lives with our loved ones, we think we will be together forever as there are many, many years in front of us then all of a sudden our lives change forever and there is not a darned thing we could have done to stop it. We are all here for you to talk to anytime at all. Take Care. Sheila xxx