I lost my husband 2 months ago very quickly to cancer. We had been married 45 years. I miss him so much. The grief is indescribably painful. I am lucky i have a wonderful family but I dont see any joy in the future. Im not alone but im lonely. He was always here for me. Luckily I have dogs that keep me going but its so miserable coming home to an empty house. Motivating myself to do anything is a chore. I am bursting into tears at random times. I feel so foolish.
His death was sudden, we thought we had months following the diagnosis and it turned out to be weeks. I am haunted by the memory of his last days being in pain. I feel robbed.


So sorry to hear this Andrea. My husband recently suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. I know the pain you are going through. I have two adult daughters who have been amazing but I’m still lonely, it’s the small things like a knowing look a squeeze of my hand, companionship and knowing that person totally gets you.


Hi Andrea
I am so sorry for your loss and completely agree with the loneliness. I have a very supportive family and friends who I can reach out to it’s just sometimes I feel so lost and alone without my husband who was by my side for 46 years. I try my best to keep myself busy mapping each day out with stuff to do but of a night when I’m alone it hits me hard that this is my life going forward. All we can do is plod on through this never ending nightmare. It’s been 2 1/2 years for me and I’ve learnt to live with the sadness but not the loneliness.

Big hugs :hugs:


Oh Jane I couldn’t agree more. Same for me too my husband has a cardiac arrest in bed beside me and I have two sons who have been brilliant but they have their own families but I do see them every week and they phone me every day to check I’m ok. Like you I just miss the laughter and all the stuff we did together. How we cried with happiness when our grandchildren were born the places we travelled to just everything about my old life. Now this a new life - not a life I asked for but one I just have to get on with.

Sending my best wishes


Thank you, I’m so sorry for your loss


Absolutely. Its the little things .

Thank you Georgina. Its not going to be the retirement I planned for us. Its not the life I want but I will try and make him proud.


I also lost my husband very quickly to cancer. Yes this is not the life we planned but everything I do I imagine he is watching and smiling at the way I am coping and yes hopefully he will be very proud! J x


I lost my husband suddenly . I am not alone my son is still at home . I am lost without him though he was my soulmate . I hope he is proud of everything I am doing .


My grandson have come to stay with me it’s company but nothing replaces the closeness I had with my husband my world.