I came home from work and I feel so lonely lost my husband in June. It’s like half my life gone. I cried and cried. Got a fantastic family and friends yet I still feel alone.

Dear Debonair,

I am so sorry for what you are going through, but this is what grief is like. It does not matter if you are surrounded by hundred’s of family and friends, you will feel alone because the one person you wish was with you isn’t.

It is the finality of it all that hurts, knowing you won’t see him again in this lifetime and having to carry on without him.

As long as you have a loving family, you will get through this nightmare, but no-one knows how long it will take because you have lost the love of your life. All you can do is get up each morning, do what needs doing and take everything as it comes then deal with it.

It is four years since my husband of 47 years died and I still miss him, still want him back and I still cry for the future we have both lost, because now I have to go on alone, and knowing I have to spend the rest of my life without him has broken my heart into a million pieces.

Please take care.


Sheila xx


Thank you for your kind reassuring words x

I lost my husband in February, and still feel lonely and sad when I come back into my house.
Try to be compassionate and kind to yourself, and practice soothing self talk, if you can. It is a very hard and painful time for us, but little treats will give you something to look forward to when you get home. Sometimes I leave a portable radio on when I am out, as it takes away the edge of emptiness when I return. Take good care of yourself, Jayne xxx


The one thing I love about this site is it allows me to be honest and true with my feelings. When I read some of the stories, I understand and I know I’m understood and my feelings are normal. I read, I cry, I smile and I try to focus on the fact that I was deeply loved by my one in a million and that kind of cushions the pain. Its beenn8 months since he passed and I do smile again. I have accepted the fact this is my new normal and I know he would be so angry if i spent my time in grief. I had a beautiful dream of him and he was so happy, young, full of joy and love. He told me to keep looking forward before smiling at me and waving goodbye. That’s what I’m trying so hard to do. I send my heartfelt love and deepest sympathy to everyone on this site. We will make it. We will be ok.

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