I think i neen help i got nobody to talk to i am disabled living on my own i just miss my wife so much its been 18 months now all i want to do is go to bed and sleep is anybody got any ideal i just want to go sleep and not wake up

Hiya I’m so sorry for your loss, have you got any family near by to visit you or have you tried counselling. Keep posting on here and you’ll find really good support and maybe some suggestions on how to move forward
Take care :heart:

Just dont know nothing no more i had counselling on yhe phone but was no good thsnkyou just want to go see my wife x

Do you not see the lady you met from the bereavement group anymore?

No just being on my own

Just dont know what to do anymore

I lye yo people and say i sm ok but hurting do much

Morning 1954.ron, Been thinking of you! I hate this life, I wish I could go to sleep and not wake up! Every day is bloody torture!

I know that feeling x

I think i need more counselling but i dont find it helpful it wont bring her back you look after yourself x