Having a really bad day, can’t stop crying and can’t be bothered to do anything. Sitting feeling sorry for myself. I lost my husband in October 23 after 43 years together.

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Hi @Jaffa sorry you are having a bad day. You say in your profile that you are a member of the WI. What do they do? Have thought about joining my local WI but not sure if it is something that would suit me.x

Sorry to hear you’re having a really bad day …do want you want to do, if you cant be bothered not doing anything then dont you are allowed…i call it a pity party and ive had quite a few

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Basically every WI meets monthly and there is a speaker or an activity. Then most WIs have sub- groups. We have a walking group, winers and diners, bookworms, culture club, garden wanderers, film club, coffee and chat. We go on outings as well. You can join in as much or as little as you like. I have made several friends and done many things I wouldn’t have done. Worth giving it a try but would suggest you visit a few then decide which one is best for you xx

Pity party is a good title.
A friend popped in and I wasn’t expecting her and she has cheered me up. So feeling a bit better now xx

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Feeling exactly the same. Cannot stop crying. I seem to have one good day and then when depression starts it does not relent and I find myself crying a lot. I lost my partner in August 23 very suddenly so no time to prepare for a life alone, which I hate without his company - 41 years together. I cannot be bothered either. It is such a shame I used to look forward to the Spring so that I can get on with the garden, now there does not appear to be much point. However, must keep it going as it is something nice to look at.

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This is so familiar.

I lost my husband 10 weeks tomorrow.

He died suddenly and unexpectedly. No signs or symptoms.

So 10 weeks ago today was my final full day with him.

So weekends are bad.

Yesterday evening and this morning I couldn’t stop crying.

This really is an horrendous time.

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@Jaffa sending you some hugs and love hope you are ok

Thanks for the info about the WI. I might look up my local one and give it a go. Thanks.x

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Hi Rose garden,

I also lost my partner in January unexpectedly. At first I was in shock and seemed to cope. About 3 weeks ago the reality hit me. I am getting out and about a little but I lack enthusiasm. I now no longer have that special person. We just have to keeping but it is so hard.

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Totally understand.

Sending a big hug x

Thank you for all your messages and I am pleased to say that I am having a much better day. I hope you all are to​:heart::hugs: