Since loosing my husband i feel alone i have got children but they have all got families of there own so i just feel a burden i have no one i dont have any friends we had been together since i left school 45 years


I’m sorry you have lost your husband and have found yourself here. You are not on your own, everything you are describing is being felt by other people on here.
You mention money concerns in your bio, have you claimed the bereavement allowance?
Please keep reading the posts and adding your posts when you are able


It seems loneliness is very common when you loose your partner - to be honest I think that the empty feeling will stay there forever we simply get used to the void . I really wished I could give you hope to feel whole again but I can’t - but I can give you hope that you will feel better because you will get used to it


I’ve thought quite a lot about your last sentence Sadie, it has helped me, given me some hope that I will eventually ‘get used to it’. After over 2 years it’s no better…

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Hi Vik
The effort we have to make to feel a bit better is huge - but eventually we feel a bit better if nothing else because it is so exhausting to grieve
It is acceptance that life is changed forever, acceptance that the emptiness inside us is always therejust keep going Vik - one foot in front of my he other
Love Sadie xx


Thanks for your kind words, I know what you say is true because that’s what I face every day so I will keep going…

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I know how you feel you sound so down i dont see a future. Only positive for me is i did do all the bill paying and diy before but saying it doesnt really as i do find alot of things a struggle now and on top of all that i have money worries because i was always a housewife and i dont retire for anougher 5 years so having to navigate the benefit system for first time. My husband was traditional so i never had to work. I looked after the kids and house.

Do you know Sheila - I always ask myself What would Jack do or I say Jack what can I do?

I understand about this been alone - my kids are supportive, I have a couple fantastic friends but ….
My sadness will always be with me - but I am trying to see if I can find some joy -
Joy is an emotion non existent at the moment -

Sheila it is a shame you don’t live closer so we could have a cuppa together

I dont have any friends we just had each other we lost touch with them years ago and yes we have kids but they all have there own lives and families i just feel a burden