looking back

Many months ago on here i wrote a post comparing my grief to climbing a mountain,i said i did not want to stay at the bottom as there was no going back,my lovely husband had reached the top,so the only way to go was to keep climbing,so as the months have ticked by,i am aware i haven’t gone back down,also i am aware i have sat on the mountain pondering my next move for a good long while,sometimes looking down at where ive been,i think now i will climb a few more steps,i have booked a 3 day stay to the lakes in April to spend with the grandchildren and my daughters,my climb is slow but its a climb nevertheless,and my husband is there to help me climb,until one day i reach the top of that mountain,i will know i made a journey the best i could and didn’t stay at the bottom,i hope for others on here to find some way of making a journey,its long and painful i know xx

Hello again Robina
Thank you for this post…I think you are one brave lady and really hope that you continue your climb and reach the summit one day…it doesn’t matter how many times you sit on a ledge and work out where to put your feet next…I think the secret is to keep the summit in sight and climb onwards when you are ready! Take care and please keep us posted. X

Hi Robina,
I am going to think of you climbing up your mountain whenever I feel the first hint of a slight backward slip, in the future. I just needed a bit of encouragement today and here it is…thank you, x

Hi Robina
I’ve got weekends booked in the Lakes during, January, February and March. Each one is for 3 nights and I stayed at the same hotel back in November.
I will have a word with them and tell them you are on your way, and to make sure that they all work hard to make it as pain-free and perfect as possible. That’s a bit too much alliteration.
I know it seems like a daunting step but I didn’t find it as difficult as I thought it would be. Maybe the answer is not to overthink it.

Oh I don’t think I am very brave amelie’sgran more I am fed up with myself for staying stagnant for so long,I realise I can sit still and be sad or I can carry that sadness around with me while I’m moving,it comes with us wherever we go,but there maybe more healthy distractions to focus on,instead of focusing on my lot in life from dawn to dusk,thank you for your wise words ameliesgran xxx

Thank you Rainbow
I’m pleased you gained some encouragement,I realise if I talk the talk I must walk the walk so to speak.The rainbow is a symbol of peace and serenity,the calm after the storm,I hope you can find a calmness that will lift your spirits xxx

That’s beautiful Robina; calmness would be good. I had never realised just what a calming influence my husband had been, all those years, x

Oh lovely three good trips for you to experience the beauty of The Lakes.Yes three p,s pain free perfect and possible,sounds good.I’m staying in a converted barn,it’s the only place I could find to house 10 of us with enough room to keep out of each others way.My lot are lovely but there is a mix of some rather strong personalities,throw in 4 grandchildren and it should be fun.I like the idea of not over thinking,letting it be just as it should be,well your first stay you said in January,you will have to post and tell how it went,I hope the weather is kind, x