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My Husband became ill in 2019 after always being fit and healthy he was diagnosed with heart failure at the time the possibility of lung fibrosis was mentioned. At the time I asked if he needed to see a lung specialist and was told no.
We then went to monthly hf appointment and was told he was showing improvement though he clearly wasn’t. By Christmas of 2020 he was becoming frail ,struggling to walk eat etc.In January we finally saw a hf specialist who said with his asbestosis his prognosis wasnt great .This came as a huge shock, because we had been told the lung fibrosis didnt need any form of test or treatment.
Then there was a big rush to try to find a lung specialist, the hospital then booked him a appointment with someone who wasnt specialist in this type of condition. When we finally saw an appropriate consultant he said he would liase with hf services, by the time this came my Husband had passed . The last hospital visit on the 02/03/2020 my Husband was admitted with low oxygen levels, the consultant there said some people can pass from this, “I am not saying your Husband will pass away , but some people do”. He then told me he was sending him back to the hf ward, I passed this news onto the family. After a time the same Dr came in and turned off his oxygen, I asked him what he was doing he didnt answer ,my Husband was absolutely struggling, I asked a nurse to come in , she asked me who had removed the oxygen?, I had then had to go outside and identify the Dr in question. I couldn’t see him but was able to name him , my Husbands oxygen was reinstated , but sadly not long after went suddenly. I never got the chance to say goodbye and neither did his family. I then found whilst making a formal complaint that my Husband should have been referred to lung specialist in August 2019 this happened only in February 2020 after the meeting with the hf consultant when he asked what our lung specialist thought, he realised then that my Husband hadn’t been seen . I made a formal complaint in May 2020 and the trust didn’t acknowledge my complaint until September 2020 , they then dragged out the process despite the interaction from both Pals and the Ombudsman. The case has now been overseen by two independent specialists and comments from the hf consultant who failed to refer him to lung services.My beloved Husband was taken in a most horrific way and it will stay with me forever, he was 65 years young. I am now waiting for the findings of this case ,as my Husbands anniversary of passing is 02/03/2020 , it has taken almost 4 years to come to this point, the results are due on March 16th. As this process has been so long in drawing to a end, I am not holding my breath for any fairness , the nhs made our lives so much worse. My question is What next? .Thank you


Please accept my condolences on your loss. I cannot even imagine how you’re coping.

Have you spoken to a medical solicitor. I know you said you made a complaint. Sounds to me like you really need someone on your side who knows how these things work.

Have you tried to contact the medical no win no fee solicitors. I suggest that because i don’t know your situation.

What happened was unforgivable and should not be allowed to be pushed under the carpet. I wish you the best of luck, in getting the outcome you, your husband and family definitely deserve.

Sending hugs :people_hugging:

Thanks for your reply indeed every day is an absolute struggle. The issue regarding an medical negligence solicitor is, sadly you can pass from heart failure. Therefore a medical negligence solicitor wouldn’t be able to take the case as they wouldn’t be able to ascertain if he passed from hf and did the negligence contribute to it.
Usually the ombudsman will only take a case within 12 months of a person passing, my case became exceptional as they failed to follow procedures.
On March 16th I will know what the findings from the ombudsman are,I am dreading it , it is hard enough just coping day to day.
The saddest part of all of this is my Husband asked me to find out why his care was so bad incase of anything happened to him. To say I am devastated would be a huge understatement. I will miss him until we meet again .Best regards

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Remember you’re not alone. Everyone on here is grieving.

You’re more than welcome to message me if you ever want to chat. Please take care of yourself. Be strong.

Thank you take care,iI hope you are coping yourself, I never ever realised life could be so sad x

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I’m doing ok. I have ok days and bad days.

I had a message from a friend in America. I listen to it every day. It helps.

The message is telling me to be the best version of me I can be. In honour of my hubby but also for me. Take baby steps. You will cry, you will want to throw in the towel. But remember why you were with that person. Honour their memory by looking after yourself.

Just be kind to you. Always available to talk if you need or want to xx


It was very kind of your friend in America to send you a meaningful message, it must be a wonderful support. I know everyone has a different grieving experience, and like you say there have been plenty of times I have wanted to throw the towel in .
I think I am still in denial, I just cannot believe it, all that business with the nhs has made things so much worse. I am very sorry for your loss and thank you for your compassion and kindness :pray:

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If I have learnt one thing. As long as you have some kind of support, you can get through anything.

You don’t have to take notice of everything that is said to you, but knowing someone is in your corner, makes a difference

I think you are right, it has to be experienced to understand it. X

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