Loosing a best friend


My story starts when I met Danielle in junior school she was sitting on her own and was getting bullied so I went and stuck up for her and said she could hang with me I have never liked seeing people get bullied so that was my chance to stick up for her and stand up to these bullies from then on we hung out everyday and went to one another’s houses and done what normal bestfriends do. Fast forward to senior school which was an all girls school it turned out that half way through the school year she started the same school as me I agreed to be her school buddy some one that shows the new student round even though we were best friends I didn’t mind. From then on we sat together at lunch and break . Coming in to July was when things got a bit weird because she would get these messages on her phone and when I turned up to school she would put her phone away quickly and act like everything was okay even though I knew it wasn’t everytime I asked her she denied anything was wrong so I went to the head teacher and told her something was off with Danielle and she could be getting bullied and that stage they said they couldn’t do nothing as nothing had happend yet I was fuming at this point it was the 26th of July 2005 and we were 13 anyway i walked Danielle home and she said goodbye to me but with tears in her eyes as if she was saying goodbye for good. Next morning my foster mum got a knock on the door from 3 of my school friends and what they told me made me sick to my stomach they had said that just after I dropped of Danielle 5 mins or 15 mins after her mum got back from work and went to check on Danielle and found her Danille had taken her own life at the age of 13. There was a note and next to the note was her phone with messages from bullies. It has been 17 years and she would be 30 now and I still miss her and still want revenge I went to school the next day and the bullies were mocking her death when I confronted them they said it was a joke and they didn’t think she would do it. All these years and they can live thier lifes and she can’t because they took it with thier words


Oh my, how dreadful. How brave are you for sharing your the story of your friend. Theses things don’t go away, they stay with us because we need to be reminded how beautiful that person was.
People can be so cruel and I suspect you know that but we must never let them win, we are stronger and in your case braver. Thank you for sharing and bless you.S xx