Loosing a son and telling people

I lost my son suddenly due to epilepsy on 27th March. Still trying to process it. However yesterday i starting talking to a person indid not know and she asked how many children did i have. I said two. Then of course she asked what are they doing. I had to say about my Mathew not being here. Totally threw me. How does anyone else cope with this question and what do you say? I dont want to go into details as its my grief but i could never say i only have one son as thats so wrong


@Rachelle1 . My sister lost her son to MD but if anyone asks about her children she always says ““l have two sons””. she only explains if asked, otherwise she leaves it at that. To her she still has 2 boys, because Dani is always with her.


@Rachelle1 I am sadly going through the same heartbreak as yourself for the same reason, my son passed away the 24th April 2023 following living with epilepsy for 10 years, currently waiting for Autopsy results from Kings College Hospital.


Hello LuisaCatherine. Mathew only had epilepsy for 4 years. We thought we had it under control. Thank goodness the coroner has closed our inquest. Thought it would help but no. Just so sudden and so pointless. Still numb and dont believe it. Though reading about it i think thats normal. Big hugs from someone who knows your pain

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Oh gosh…this is a hard one. I avoid new people…it’s easier. After five years since I lost my son I can just about tell someone about him without crying. So sorry for your loss


So sorry to hear you lost your son, it’s incredibly hard knowing what to say. I just say I have a daughter but she died last year. Most people don’t know what to say but are well meaning. The way I look at it I’m still her mum and she’s still my daughter. Forever. Most people don’t ask any other questions, some people say ‘sorry for your loss’, which is kind, but usually people who are just acquaintances are more than happy to change the subject. Sending you all the best xxxxxx

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Dear rachelle 1 x

I totally understand how you are feeling :broken_heart: i lost my beautiful daughter 3 years ago and i have another chid.

You are definitely doing the right thing you have 2 children and don’t ever be fearful to say x

Its a very Awkward question and can be very uncomfortable! For me sometimes you just know when its right to say and if you feel comfortable talk about their passing😔

For some reason i always feel sad for the person who asks as its not what they are expecting to hear…and i always cry :face_with_peeking_eye: but it can also be therapy for us!

always be comfortable when talking to someone you have to make sure to always do what is right for you :white_heart: know your feelings and you will find a way…unfortunately its never going to be a nice conversation to have…i actually find it easier to talk to people i dont know and NEVER be fearful to let your emotions flow we are only human and its the hardest thing in the world to have lost our beautiful children :heart:

Im sending you so much love and lots of hugs xxx
Always here if you need to talk xxx

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I lost my Mathew suddenly 24/01/23, I thought I was the only person who spelt his name with one T.
I miss him every day, and still cant believe its happened, also still waiting for the coroners report, so I dont even know what happened yet. Xx


hello i lost my son to cancer

i lost my son to cancer